Autism Awareness for Prison Classes – Oxford, Sunday 4th February

Priority for this day is for yoga and meditation teachers already working or offering cover in prisons, secure hospitals, IRCs and bail hostels, or those about to begin. Most autistic adults are undiagnosed, but there is good evidence that the incidence of autism among prisoners is significantly above that in the general population (currently officially estimated at 1.1%). The session facilitated by Caroline Hearst will help you better understand your autistic students, and enable you to use your skills to work more effectively with them. Caroline is an autistic trainer who offers interactive autism education from an informed insider perspective. She runs Autism Matters and is a director of AutAngel. She won a 2017 National Autistic Society Professional Award for her work.

While the two other aspects of the day aren’t to do with autism, they fit the aim of informing and sharing experience for your prison teaching. Richard, who served a prison sentence, will share a semi-biographical spoken word performance and join discussion about life in and after prison. And there will be plenty of time to share challenges and what is working well in your prison classes. We will find time for yoga asana and seated meditation and a bring-and-share lunch and ample breaks provide a chance to talk with others engaged in this unique work. The cost is being kept low to minimise expenses for teachers travelling from a distance.

Wytham Village Hall, Oxford, Sunday 4th February, 2018 – £10

To book your place on this course please fill in the form below or get in touch with Sally, Brent or Victoria on 01865 512521

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