A Day for Prison Yoga and Meditation Teachers in Ireland North and South

Illegal drug use is a destabilising influence in society and for individuals’ lives. And in prisons, their presence often stretches people – both prisoners and staff – beyond breaking point. Attempts to stop their entry, the medical aftermath when things go wrong, the drain on resources, and the violence, coercion and fear surrounding drugs affects the Irish Prison Service in a profound and damaging way. The more that we as prison yoga teachers understand this massive influence on our prisons, the more effective we can be in this environment. So we are pleased that Ethel Gavin, Governor of Portlaoise Prison Campus will be talking with us about the current realities of this perennial prison challenge. We will hear how Ethel and her staff cope with drugs in her prisons, and will also get a bird’s eye view of the national picture. This will have relevance for prisons in Northern Ireland, though there are of course some differences. The day will include a chance to practise yoga and meditation together, sessions to share what is going well and what is challenging in your classes, and to find out more about this kind of work if you aren’t yet teaching in prison. Vegetarian lunch is provided.

Sunday 29th April, 2018, Mount St Anne’s Conference Centre, Portarlington, Co Laois, Ireland – €25

To find our more please email us or get in touch with Sally, Brent or Victoria on 01865 512521

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