The work of the Trust is entirely dependent on the generosity of people who understand the rehabilitative opportunity which exists in a prison cell and appreciate our work with prisoners.

If you can help us with a contribution to our work, we would be most grateful. Even a small donation makes a big difference.

£5 allows us to send our quarterly newsletter to a prisoner for one year, providing comfort and practical advice on sustaining a yoga and meditation practice.

£12 per month allows us to support a prison in running a yoga class for inmates and staff.

£20 allows us to send a prisoner everything they need in order to set up a daily practice of meditation and yoga, including a personal letter and ongoing correspondence if the prisoner wishes.

There are several ways you can give:

Bank Transfer
Legacy Giving


You can also sign up to a service that sends us a donation whenever you shop online.

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Yoga and meditation in a prison cell
For the first time in my life I feel free, and Iím in prison! I know it sounds weird but thatís the way I feel. Coming to prison was the best thing that ever happened to me because I now know whatís really important.

Warren, HMP Canterbury