Trustees, patrons and consultants


The Trust is managed by a board of Trustees, appointed in accordance with the Trust Deed. The Trustees meet four times a year in addition to an away day with staff.

Stephen Eeley, Chair of the Trustees, is a magistrate, former senior administrator at Oxford University and a zen meditator.

Dr Jamie Bennett is governor of HMP Grendon and Springhill.

Penny Boreham is a radio producer and craniosacral therapist.

Giles Charrington is a management consultant, also coaches prison governors, and is a zen meditator.

Nicholas Colloff OBE was Oxfam's Director of Strategy and Innovation and is now Executive Director of the Ardigius Foundation. He is a PPT co-founder. 

Rev'd Peter Dewey is an Anglican parish priest and a former school chaplain who runs meditation groups.

John Dring OBE, former prison governor and Prison Area Manager, now coaches prison governors.

Rachel Holmes is an independent charity law consultant and researcher. She also practises meditation.

Peter Stevenson, Treasurer, is a Chartered Accountant, who works for a number of charitable organisations.


We are deeply grateful to our patrons who support and publicise our work and offer us encouragement:

Erwin James, Guardian journalist and former prisoner

Sir Mark Tully, acclaimed broadcaster and journalist 

Dr Kiran Bedi, former Inspector General of Prisons, Tihar Jail, and former Deputy Chief of Police in India

Shirley du Boulay, author and biographer of world-renowned spiritual leaders, including Father Bede Griffiths and St Theresa of Avila

Dr Sheila Cassidy, author, oncologist and former nun, who experienced torture as a political prisoner in Chile

Father Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation

Jeremy Irons, actor

Sister Elaine MacInnes OC OLM, former PPT Director, zen teacher and founder of Freeing the Human Spirit, which supports prisoners in Canada

Dr Benjamin Zephaniah, best-selling poet, broadcaster and human rights activist


We are indebted to these consultants for their help and advice:

Prof. Alison Liebling, Director, Prisons Research Centre

Luke Serjeant, Director of Women's Prisons

Imam Monawar Hussain DL, Muslim Tutor, Eton College

Rev'd George Coppen, Anglican priest and former prison psychotherapist at HMP Grendon 

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Yoga and meditation in a prison cell
I actually really enjoy doing the yoga and meditation. It makes me feel happier and more patient. When things go wrong for me and something bad happens, I just do my yoga and meditation and find some calm and safety and comfort and it feels truly amazing.

Ant, HMPYOI Lichfield