We are indebted to our team of volunteers. Our work could not continue without them.

They are active in writing to prisoners and despatching books, CDs and the quarterly newsletters. Some volunteers work in the office, but others write to prisoners from home working closely with Trust staff. All are outstandingly generous in the time they devote to their work for the Prison Phoenix Trust.

Volunteers are trained to use relevant and creative ways to encourage prisoners in their meditation practice by reflecting back to each inmate his or her own words of discovery.

Letter writers are encouraged to keep advice to a minimum and to observe appropriate boundaries.

Twice a year volunteers meet for support meetings. We also arrange prison visits for volunteers to give them first-hand experience of prison conditions.

If you have a mature silent meditation practice, live in Oxford and wish to join our volunteers team, please contact us.

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Yoga and meditation in a prison cell
I have been meditating and using the breathing techniques daily, and Iím really enjoying feeling calmer and less stressed and angry. I feel like a new person and a peace I never knew I was capable of, or recognised within myself. Even when I feel my old feelings return, which has only happened twice, I remember what I started to learn, and the new feelings Iíve experienced, and the negativity goes away again.

Danny, HMP Shrewsbury

  A friend gave me one of your books. BOOM! It seemed like this was the natural thing Iíd been missing all these years. I immediately felt comfortable with it.

It has given me a clearer understanding of all the ways I was going wrong in life.

A prisoner, HMP Wayland