What We Do

The Prison Phoenix Trust encourages prisoners in their spiritual lives through a daily practice of yoga and meditation, working with silence and the breath.

We encourage this practice by:

  • training qualified yoga teachers for prison and helping establish regular prison classes for prisoners and for staff
  • airing a radio yoga class three times per week
  • sending free books and CDs out to prisoners who request them
  • writing regular practical yoga columns for prisoner publications such as Inside Time and Women in Prison
  • offering personal correspondence about prisonersí meditation and yoga practice
  • producing a quarterly newsletter.

We communicate with all our beneficiaries as individuals and we know that many prisoners have multiple and complex needs. We provide our books in various languages, as well as for people who canít read at all, and can recommend yoga practices for people with specific ailments and disabilities.

Please write to us if you have any questions about how we can help.

Our aim as laid out in the Trust Deed is to ďadvance the education of and rehabilitate and promote the mental and moral improvement of prisoners and former prisoners, primarily in the UK and Ireland.Ē

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Yoga and meditation in a prison cell
For the first time Iím looking at the bigger picture. What did I really believe my future held for my family and those around me? I have never questioned my lifestyle before, never said ĎIs this the last time? I wonít be back. This isnít the life for me.

Jamie, HMP Parkhurst