Yoga Teachers

Prisoners write to us each week with high praise for their yoga teachers.

Sleeping better, looser joints, less medication, improved relationships with their loved ones they say all of these happen because of their prison yoga classes. Almost all teachers say that their favourite class to teach is the one in prison, and that it teaches them so much about themselves.

We are always looking for motivated teachers to work in this unique arena. 

If you are currently teaching in prison, please click here to fill out our survey and let us know about your class. 


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Yoga and meditation in a prison cell
  Through yoga and meditation my peace of mind has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

I used to be so moody and angry and the things I used to dwell upon and hold onto don't cause me to resent anyone or anything any more.

It's only the gift of meditation and breath that has made me see that I couldn't progress until I let go completely of all the anger from within me.

A prisoner, HMP Pentonville 

The yoga lessons I have started here are helping me to calm my mind down.

Craig, HMP Forest Bank