Will you take the Prison Phoenix Trust 52 Challenge?

Image of men doing yoga in prison with 52 Challenge logo

Raise awareness and funds for prison yoga

Inspired by senior prison manager Suzy, who is running two marathons in two days to raise funds for prison yoga, we invite you join us for the The Prison Phoenix Trust 52 Challenge.

Click here to listen to Trustee and Radio Producer, Penny Boreham, in conversation with Suzy about her upcoming 52 mile challenge!

What is it?

Set yourself – or your friends, colleagues or students – a challenge to raise awareness of yoga and meditation in prison. If you want to raise money too, ask people to sponsor you. Go to our JustGiving Page.

When is it?

14th-15th May – or any time before then.

52 Challenge ideas

You can do anything based around the number 52 to raise awareness or funds, such as:

  • 52 minutes of meditation
  • 52 sun salutations
  • 52 days of meditation practice
  • 52 yoga postures
  • 52 days giving up sweets, alcohol or tobacco
  • 52 minutes running non-stop
  • 5 minutes of meditation for 2 days/weeks
  • 5 sun salutations for 2 days/weeks
How to get involved

Anyone can take part in the 52 Challenge – inside prison, in yoga studios, at home, individually or as a group. Here is how:

  1. Contact us to tell us you are taking part. Tell us if you would like posters to advertise your activity
  2. Download free yoga handouts for inspiration
  3. To start fundraising, go to our JustGiving Page and click on the orange Start Fundraising button.
  4. Share your story on social media using the hashtag #52Challenge
  5. Join us online Fri 13th May 6pm for 52 minutes of meditation
The cause: supporting the rehabilitation of offenders

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on people in prison. ‘Lockdown’ restrictions have lasted much longer, with many prisoners locked in their cells for more than 23 hours a day for many months at a time. Mental and physical health have suffered and activities aimed at rehabilitating offenders have been put on hold.

One of the few interventions that have been able to continue has been yoga – with the Prison Phoenix Trust sending books, CDs and yoga handouts that people use to practise in their cells. We now want to extend the range of resources to include DVD, making yoga and meditation accessible to a wider range of people, including those who are not confident readers. The money raised from the 52 Challenge will go towards the funding of these DVDs.

The impact you can have

 “I’m practising most mornings as there are so many things I’m noticing that have changed or improved. I got a knock back on my parole this week and although it was disappointing, the feeling passed very quickly. I didn’t do what I usually do, dive in a pool of self-pity and make sure everyone knows about poor me. This time I just kept moving forwards. It didn’t consume me like it would have before I set out on this path…”

Anon at HMP Brixton

“I’m a great believer yoga helps and meditation heals the body and mind. I like to think of prison as a blessing, to have time to rediscover myself and think about what I really want in life. Meditation helps me ground myself and relieves me from panic episodes. The yoga relaxes and energises”

Kathryn, HMP Eastwood Park

Suzy’s 52 Challenge

Suzy is a Trustee of The Prison Phoenix Trust and a senior manager in the prison service in the UK. On 14-15 May she is running a 52-mile double marathon. From her work in prisons and her involvement with Trust, she knows first hand the trouble lives of people in prison – and the power of yoga and meditation to transform.