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Who We Are

The Prison Phoenix Trust encourages prisoners in the development of their spiritual welfare, through the practices of meditation and yoga, working with silence and the breath.

We offer personal support to prisoners around the UK and the Republic of Ireland through teaching, workshops, correspondence, books and newsletters – and to prison staff too. We work with people of any faith, or of none, and honour all religions.

“I still find it hard to get in touch with my feelings. My gut tells me sadness is something I have a lot of. Today after my morning sitting I stopped and thought about how I feel about myself. My awareness shot to the memory of me as a little boy, and I felt a cocktail of sadness, feeling sorry, and maybe compassion for this little boy, who I realise is still within me. Sometimes I feel a vast space down inside my body that is so still. Anger can come back like a tidal wave and if I’m quick I observe it and the flames die very quickly and I feel like I’ve grown or maybe changed. This is so empowering.”

Frank, HMP The Mount

Latest News

Cambridge University’s forum Contemplation: Theory / Practice heard last week evidence of the effectiveness of yoga and meditation in prison from The Prison Phoenix Trust Director Selina Sasse. The forum, which is a network of the university’s Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, brings together the ideas, history and application of contemplative traditions from around the globe, exploring a rich diversity of theories and practices united around a particular set of characteristics.  In her talk, Selina &hellip read more

Latest impact data from The Prison Phoenix Trust finds 82% of women who took part in Mindful Yoga courses in prison experienced an improvement in mental wellbeing considered ‘meaningful’ by psychologists. Women arriving for their first Mindfulness session at a prison in the South of England were unsure what to expect. “I want to keep my mind and body fit,” said one. “I want to be able to relax,” said another. With age ranges from 20s to 60s, they brought &hellip read more

The Prison Phoenix Trust is recruiting a new voluntary position of TREASURER to join our Board of Trustees. Who we are We are the leading yoga charity in the UK and Ireland, with 35 years experience sharing meditation and yoga with people in prison. We offer personal support to prisoners and prison staff through teaching, mentoring, peer-support and specialist resources. We work with people of any faith or none, bringing hope, healing and second chances to people in prison Who we &hellip read more