Yoga Classes In Prison

The Prison Phoenix Trust supports both prisons and yoga teachers to set up and maintain weekly yoga and meditation classes in prisons. These classes offer an oasis of peace in the hectic prison environment, as well as the chance to make positive connections with like-minded prisoners. The experience of learning in  person from an experienced teacher is absolutely the best way to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation.

You can find out more about starting a class in your prison here.

In addition to our live classes, we also air radio yoga classes three times per week through the National Prison Radio network. These classes have a potential audience of 73,000 prisoners, providing them a regular led practice in their cell even if their prison does not have a class.

“Today I felt so much brighter doing yoga with Les; he brings out the best in me. It frees up my mind and, not because I’m actively looking to feel better but because I am so absorbed in the work that my mind does the work while I’m not looking. I’m finding it hard to explain. Les says, “Yoga works.” I think that is the best and simplest way to put it.”

– Becca, Discovery House