For Prisons

Meditation and Yoga are increasingly being used by prisons to support the good mental health and emotional resilience necessary for rehabilitation. We offer prisons:

Free handouts, DVDs, books and CDs
Created especially for use in secure environments our books, DVDs, CDs and printable handouts enable people in prison of all abilities to practise yoga and meditation on their own, including resources suitable for non-confident readers. All are provided free to people living and working in prison.

Yoga classes and courses
Yoga and meditation classes for prisoners and staff take place in many prisons in the UK and Ireland with qualified teachers trained and supported by us to work safely and respectfully in secure environments. 

When prisoners write to us we write back and will continue to correspond for as long as they wish, encouraging them with meditation and yoga and helping them to find meaning and hope. We train and support volunteers who correspond securely with hundreds of prisoners every year.

Peer support

We offer peer support in the form of a quarterly newsletter, written partly by prisoners themselves sharing their experiences of meditation and yoga, the joys and challenges.

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