Starting A Class

We can help you to set up a class by:

  • Coming to your prison to run a day of yoga and meditation taster sessions so that prisoners and staff can assess the practice for themselves
  • Recommending a qualified and experienced local yoga teacher
  • Advising on practical details, based on our experience of what works
  • Supporting class members with free books and CDs, newsletters and through correspondence

If you decide to run regular yoga classes you will need to:

  • Provide a warm, quiet room, ideally carpeted and not overlooked, with yoga mats and foam blocks for each person (these cost very little)
  • Pay the teacher an agreed hourly rate
  • Provide a contact person or line manager

Yoga and meditation are an effective and powerful intervention. You can see a selection of evidence we have built demonstrating the benefits here.

Classes may be offered through various programmes or departments, including Offending Behaviour programmes, Safer Custody, gym, education or the chaplaincy. Lunchtime staff classes are popular too.

If you would like us to run a taster workshop at your prison please contact us or fill out the form below to get a call back.  We make no charge but ask for help with our travel expenses.