A prison cell can be an ideal environment in which to practise. We have produced a range of books to guide and encourage prisoners with a practice which is simple, effective and life-changing.

Our books and CD are given out freely to those in prison. We aim to respond within two weeks of receiving a request. We tailor the packs we send out according to literacy level and how much the prisoner enjoys reading. They would normally contain a book explaining how to start a daily yoga and meditation practice, a CD talking a prisoner through a yoga, relaxation and meditation session and a copy of our most recent newsletter.

Each pack includes a personally written letter offering individual support via correspondence if needed. This degree of support has been at the heart of our work for the past 20 years.

If you’d like a prisoner you know to receive a pack of our free books, print off this book request form  and have them post it back to us. Prisoners must request books from us directly – staff and friends cannot do so on their behalf. Prison staff are also entitled to free books using this form.

If you are on the outside and would like to order a copy of any of our books for yourself, you can do so using this form.