Teaching Yoga In Prison

Prison can be the most rewarding place to teach yoga. The feedback from students is instant – and the impact may be felt for years.

‘Today’s session was very relaxing, it really helped my anxiety and for a little while I felt like I wasn’t in jail.’ Young offender, Polmont

Teaching yoga in prison isn’t easy. There are many frustrations and complications and it might take more than a year to get a prison class started. Our yoga teachers have endless patience and feel a true calling for this work. In our experience, yoga teachers who do well in prison tend to have:

  • A teacher’s qualification from a yoga school with a course length of at least two years
  • Two years’ experience teaching classes since qualifying
  • Other relevant work experience (eg working with young people, social work, drug rehabilitation work)
  • A silent meditation practice
  • Attended our trainings. 

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