We are indebted to our team of volunteers. Our work could not continue without them.

Each week we are fortunate to receive around 24 hours of help from the loyal group of volunteers who come into our office. They correspond with prisoners, update our records, assist with mail outs and ensure that around 70 requests from prisoners per week are responded to in a friendly and personal way. Our Trustees voluntarily donate their skills and expertise to the management of the Trust and ensure the organisation runs with stability and efficiency.

All are outstandingly generous in the time they devote to their work for the Prison Phoenix Trust. Without unpaid assistance we simply could not afford the staff time to cope with the number of prisoners who ask for help.

Some volunteers bring many years of meditation and yoga experience, and this expertise is used to encourage prisoners to sustain a daily practice. Prison can be one of the most challenging environments to practice meditation and yoga. We always ensure our letter-writers receive personal support from staff and regular training days so that the prisoners they help can be skilfully guided to find peace and meaning in their lives.

If you have a mature silent meditation practice, live in Oxford and wish to join our volunteers team, please contact us.