Tell A Friend

One of the most valuable things you can do for the Prison Phoenix Trust is to help us find new supporters. . Our work continues to be entirely dependent upon the support of friends and donors who each contribute in many ways, both seen and unseen.

If you feel an empathy for prisoners who are trying to turn their lives around, supporting our work is such an effective way of making a difference. Some give financially, either as a one off donation or regularly each month. Others give some of their time each week to help us in our Oxford office. We receive help through fundraising events organised by supporters and those who donate a skill or service that is needed by the PPT.

We are deeply grateful for the people who make our work possible.

One of the best ways of introducing new people to our work is by showing them a copy of our newsletter. We are always pleased to send this each quarter to anyone who is interested in our work.

Others may prefer empirical evidence of how meditation and yoga help people in prison. They might also be interested in seeing the research we did with Oxford University.

It is also very helpful to follow us on facebook and twitter and share a piece of news you think your friends would like.

For all the help we receive, we feel deeply indebted.