Tigger Ramsay-Brown

We are very sad to report the news of the death of one of our trustees, Tigger Ramsay-Brown, on the 3rd of December 2016 aged 94. Tigger was the sister of our founder, Ann Wetherall, and served as a trustee from early in the charity’s life right up until her death. Tigger lived a rich and exciting life, mainly in India and the UK. For many years she worked for Oxfam, where her passion and energy enabled so many people to be helped. We will remember Tigger as a forthright, fun and deeply compassionate woman, and a beloved friend to the Trust.

Peace Inside Book Launch

7 pm, Tuesday 23rd May
The Norrington Room, Blackwell’s Bookshop
51 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BQ

We worked with Blackwell’s to celebrate the launch of our newest book for prisoners, Peace Inside: a prisoner’s guide to meditation, edited by our Director Sam Settle and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. The book not only explains how to practise silent breath-based meditation; over half of it is letters about meditation from prisoners to the Trust and replies from volunteers and staff. Peace Inside will be an important book for prisoners, giving inspiration to practise and a window into the hopes and challenges of others in prison, examining their struggles and insight with meditation, and underscoring the friendships which provide encouragement to keep looking deeper.

Paddy O’Connell (of Radio 4’s Sunday morning programme Broadcasting House) hosted the event, discussing the book, prison life, meditation and life after prison with Sam and three former prisoners whose letters appear in the book. The evening was a great success, selling out the space and resulting in many book sales! If you missed out, you can still get a copy here.